Name: Adriana Taylor || Age: 23 || Student/Photographer || Taken

FC:  Claire Holt

❖ Secret: 

I get really bad panic attacks, which I take medication for.  Sometimes they get so bad that I don’t want to leave the house.  I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone about this, even my sister.  The attacks make me feel so weak and out of control that it scares me.  I probably should increase my medication but I’m afraid to become too dependent on it.  I just want to feel normal without any medication. 

❖ Connections: 

❖ Personality:  Adriana can be categorized as a bit of a spitfire.  She’s vivacious, charming, and loves living life to the fullest.  Despite her bold attitude she has a heart of gold, doing everything she can to please her friends and keep her loved ones happy.  She always strives for perfection, working diligently to make her mark on the world with her photography skills.  Romantic and spontaneous, she loves the idea of being in love and everything it encompasses. When she falls in love she usually falls pretty fast, which sometimes set her up for heartbreak.

❖ Biography:  Growing up in sunny Miami, Florida, Adriana Taylor was the typical blonde bombshell.  Head cheerleader and Prom Queen, this girl had the world eating out of the palm of her hand.  Being the youngest child made Adriana even more spoiled, but she did secretly long for a younger brother.  Unfortunately her parents could no longer produce children after her mother got diagnosed with cervical cancer and had to have a hysterectomy.  Thankfully the doctors got all the cancer and saved her mother’s life.  She was lucky to have a close bond with her older sister Ashley, who always looked after Adriana.  The two of them acted more like best friends than sisters, always being inseparable even from an early age on.  After high school Adriana enrolled at the University of Miami where she began her studies in English Lit, because she loved to write short stories and poetry.  After meeting Adam Walsh, however, Ade’s grades started to slip and she got caught up in drinking and doing the occasional party drug.  Adam was the worst influence on her but she refused to see it.  Even her friends tried to stir her out of his clutches but the more they pressed, the more she resisted.  Her grades became so bad that she dropped out of College and moved back home.  Her parents were livid but knew it had to be her decision in turning her life around, not theirs. 

One night when Ade and Adam were partying pretty hard they got into a petty argument and he slapped her across the face.  Tears started streaming down her face but Adam ignored them, continuing to yell at her like she were some little child.  Adriana had enough and walked out on him, and this time for good.  When Adam saw that she was leaving he grabbed her wrist, yelling that she’d never find anyone that would love her the way that he did.  That wasn’t the last she saw of Adam Walsh.  He kept texting and calling her months after their break-up.  Even after some of her friends tried to bully him, he still tried to reach out to Adriana.  Because of this she had to change her phone number and constantly look over her shoulder. Leaving Adam was the best thing she could have done, cleaning up her act shortly after the breakup. She even enrolled back into college part-time to get a degree, but this time going for Art and Photography.  That’s where she met fellow classmate Xavier Wells, who became a close friend to her. Together they’d work on assignments and even go out for drinks together. Adriana could feel that they had unique chemistry between them but didn’t act on it, afraid of getting hurt again. Not only that, Adriana had her eye on Scott’s older brother, Ryan. He worked as a travel agent and was rarely around Miami but when he was, Ade found herself chatting him up and giving him flirtatious smiles. In essence he was exactly the type of guy she was looking for; he had a steady job, a 6-figure paycheck, a hot body, and a killer smile. With Adriana’s good looks and charming personality she was sure to get his attention. The only problem was she fancied Xavier too, even though he seemed more like a loner.